Revealed: The Health Apps We Actually Use On The Regular

Here’s the thing about smartphones and our health – for all the things we dislike about them (they can cut into quality time with loved ones, the blue light emitting screens can disrupt your melatonin production, and social media addiction is a very real thing), we also love how much they actually improve our quality of life. There are some apps out there that legitimately keep us on top of our game both mentally and physically. While we’ll be the first to say it’s good to have a little phone or technology break once in a while, we’re happy to admit that some apps are truly amazing at keeping our wellbeing in check. We asked around Morlife HQ and we’re happy to present you with our list of favourite health-tracking apps.



No gym, no excuses. Apps have made working out a level playing field – whether you just hate going to the gym, only have ten minutes to spare or your budget conscious, there’s so many amazing apps to get you moving. As we age, maintaining a consistent fitness routine alongside a healthy diet helps to combat ageing and keep us feeling invigorated. We like to think of fitness apps as our own kind of personal trainer – and if you have multiple then you’ll always have a selection to choose from when you get bored. Variety after all, is the spice of life.

Our top picks:

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There’s an app for everything, and tracking your period, ovulation and fertility is now one of the easiest things to do. Want to know when your next period is coming, confused by PMS symptoms, or just want to keep in touch with your reproductive health; This has got to be hands down one of our most beloved app genres. Our favourite to use is Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker with its easy to use, simple interface. The app can predict your period and ovulation dates and allows you to log your moods and symptoms.



If you’ve made limiting your sugar intake a part of your health regime then this one is for you. Our Head Naturopath Leisa loves the That Sugar App to help track her daily sugar intake and visually see how many teaspoons of sugar her food may be hiding. Bonus points, the app contains a challenge feature to help motivate you and cut down that sugar once and for all. P.S if you’re looking for an amazing natural sugar alternative, check out Monk Fruit powder.



If this sounds like you, then read on. Using sleep tracking apps helps us avoid waking up in a panic and more like a well-rested sleeping beauty. As we sleep, we go through different sleep states, varying from light to deep, dream states. Our favourite sleep tracking app Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock helps to wake us up during our lightest possible sleep state to wake us softly around our desired wake up time.



Taking care of our mental wellbeing is an act of self-love that we often fail to commit to. Putting even just a few minutes aside everyday to check in with your thoughts and feelings can be immensely calming, directive and rewarding. For guided meditations we love both the Insight Timer and Headspace apps.

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Organise life, then go enjoy it – that’s Todoist’s motto and we are so ready for it. Between dinner plans, deadlines, and meal prepping, humans are busier than they’ve ever been before and we’re not slowing down. Constantly trying to remember things is draining and missing important dates is the absolute pits. We use Todoist on both our smart phones and desktops to review our day or week ahead. Plus, when you tick off your tasks and get a daily streak happening you can’t help but feel those #girlboss vibes. 

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The size of your bank account doesn’t equal the value you are as a person. Money problems though, are consistently cited as a leading contributor to stress. Seeing as stress has a hugely negative impact on our mental and physical states, we love using Raiz to help us save for a rainy day fund. Raiz, previously known as Acorns, works by automatically investing your spare change (taken by rounding up on your card purchases) and investing into a diversified portfolio. Even if the potential to earn extra on your money put aside by way of market returns doesn’t really excite you, seeing those cents add up is so satisfying! It also means if you ever have an unexpected bill, you know there’s a digital piggy bank waiting for you. 


If you use any of these apps let us know your experience. We want to hear from you!

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