The Morlife mission is to ensure our customers 'get more out of life' through using nutritional solutions - such functional foods must have research backing supporting their formulation.

We know from our research the way we must now look at our food intake is that literally we are reinventing food formulation, as we know that when we do obtain this high nutrient intake we get the best out of our body function - our bodies were built to function well, we just need the right nutrients to ensure optimum function.

We understand that sharing wellness results serves to motivate others, friends and family, as we all want 'more out of life' for all. This also gives us vital feedback on how Morlife products did work, then we can use this to further improve the formulations. Our aim is to go beyond taste to wellness benefits felt. The more we all notice such wellness feelings/benefits the more we link what we ate to that which caused the benefit. So, do focus on good feelings, benefits and do tell us.

Our goal here is to go toward and be in a state of wellness. By focusing on wellness benefits we are going to something very positive. This means we want to experience more of the benefits of wellness. By obtaining more optimal wellness benefits it then becomes easier to move ourselves psychologically.

Main wellness areas - using Morlife functional foods

  • Gut
  • Sleep
  • Stress/Calm

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