It’s Not Too Late To Make Wellness Your New Year's Resolution

We’re two weeks into the New Year and for many of us that marks the designated checkpoint where we give up on our wellness resolutions and slip back into old habits. But we’re here to remind you that just because you slipped up on Jan 3rd doesn’t mean you have to wait another 12 months to try again. We are human at the end of the day and making a major lifestyle change doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.

Entering the New Year with realistic expectations (i.e. understanding that small slip ups happen) will better ensure success for whatever resolution we set for ourselves. We suggest using the full month of January as your window to get started, giving yourself some leeway to fall off the horse and get back on again.

Technically, you shouldn’t need to wait until a specific date to initiate a lifestyle change but since so many people do, this is the best advice we can give.

Okay, so now we’ve given our spiel, here’s the lowdown on the most important resolution (in our opinion) and how we’re going to help you tackle it head on.



Wellness is a puzzle made up of 8 pieces; Alkalise, Antiox, Brain, Detox, Digest, Mood, Relax and Sleep; with each piece playing an equally important role. In our guide, you’ll find functional foods and beverages that assist in each area and can be easily incorporated into a variety of diets. This way, you can focus on whatever puzzle piece you might be missing to achieve your wellness goals.

It's time to make 2020 your best year yet.


Alkalising is about maintaining a healthy acid-alkaline balance, known as a pH. Regulation of this pH in the body is absolutely essential for life, much like body temperature. Our body was built to function best when slightly alkaline. In this state, oxygen is transported to our tissues and enzymes remain active, which speeds up reactions in the body in order for our cells to carry out essential functions.

The constant bombardment of acid on our body from acid forming foods, which are rife in the western diet, can leave us feeling pretty average and if we exhaust our regulatory system resources, wellness can be lost.

Our range of alkalising powders can help you regain a healthy balance, allowing you to feel tip top in 2020.

Alkalising Greens®

Alkalising Greens® is your naturopath formulated solution to wellness. This comprehensive green powder alkalises and supports your body giving you a plethora of nutrients required for a healthy, balanced mind and body. With 20 Super Greens, Fruits and Vegetables as well as herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, Alkalising Greens® has all you need to support your body through the Christmas season.   




Life is all about balance, and nothing brings better balance than getting real nutrition from wholefood ingredients. These wholefoods offer a plethora of sources of antioxidants to mop up the damage done over the holiday period.




Dark Chocolate Fruit




Dark Chocolate Nuts












Seeds and grains

Functional foods



Mood & Relax





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