The Low Down On The Must-Have Greens Powder For Your Kids

When getting your kids to eat veggies and greens is a battle equivalent to taking on Goliath, we’ve got your David. Greens Kidz is the answer you’ve long awaited to quickly and conveniently supercharge their diet without resorting to hiding broccoli in between layers of cheese or mashed into potato. Tried and tested by our very own Morlife kiddies, Greens Kidz delicious berry taste will have your little ones asking for their daily dose, and you don’t have to worry about serving up any artificial flavours or sweeteners because Greens Kidz (as with all Morlife products) is completely artificial additive free!

We know you want to do the best for your kids, and you understand how it’s not just adults needing a little bit of an extra greens boost in their lives. Especially with the high activity level and increased nutrient demands of a little growing bodies, some super greens might certainly come in handy.

Greens kids powder

Greens Kidz contains 22 super foods including greens, fruits & vegetables all naturally containing acid buffer minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium to support growing bodies. But if this wasn’t enough to get you running to your local stockist right now, you’ll be even greener with envy when we tell you how many antioxidants it contains. Get this, one single serve of Greens Kidz powder (two level teaspoons) contains the same antioxidant capacity equivalent to 6 serves of fruit and vegetables~. This is incredible and we know you’re now wondering.. are you sure this is just for kids? Where’s mine? Well of course we have the mummy of Greens Kidz available for you, our Alkalising Greens but by all means try it for yourself, no need for jealousy here.

kids greens powder Morlife Greens Kidz

Another super special feature of Greens Kidz is that it truly is a wholesome product designed to not only help narrow the veggie consumption gap but to also enhance the proper absorption of the nutrients its contains within tiny tummy’s. This is due to specifically fortifying our beloved greens powder with pre and probiotics that support the growth and beneficial balance of the gut microbiome, otherwise known as the bugs in our guts or more formally -  gut bacteria. We believe this is especially important for little ones as current research indicates that our gut microbiome is one of the key factors that influence the functionality of our immune system[1] . We can all appreciate how tried and tested our kiddies immune systems must be between sharing lollipops, eating mud and basically putting anything and everything in their mouths. I guess for school age children this might not be the case but there certainly are more bugs to be avoided than cooties and some extra probiotics will never go astray so that there is less time for sick days and more time for play!

Finally, we’re sure you’d like to know the nitty gritty of our Greens Kidz (because who wouldn’t! that monster on the front sure looks very mischievous) but there really is nothing to fear because at Morlife our research team of qualified nutritionists and naturopaths have specifically formulated this product with an ingredients list that is perfectly understandable (in plain English – no numbers or synthetically produced nutrients here) so you can rest assured there is nothing but the best wholefood derived ingredients included for your little ones.

That in mind here are a few FAQ’S just to make double extra sure there are no stones or leggo pieces (gosh we know they’re a pain – literally) left unturned.


What’s the difference between Alkalising Greens and Greens Kidz?

Alkalising Greens is a formulated supplementary sports food designed to specifically aid in the maintenance of the pH balance of the body. Therefore it is a very comprehensive product containing amino acids and high levels of vitamins and minerals to help facilitate this function. These ingredients are not permitted in products for persons under 15 years old. Nor did we feel it was necessary for children to be consuming these ingredients from a young age. Therefore we designed Greens Kidz to naturally increase their intake of vitamins and minerals in a way the body readily recognises and absorbs which is by increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables.


Why coral calcium?

Due to Australian Food Regulations, only specific types of products are allowed to have vitamins and minerals added.  We wanted to ensure your child was getting the most out of our formulation, and coral is the highest food source of calcium. As aforementioned calcium is essential for the construction and maintenance of strong bones and will also act as an acid buffer in the body meaning it will neutralize acidity contributing to a more alkaline state overall.

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What is monk fruit?

Monk fruit also called Luo Han Guo or in Latin ‘Siraitia grosvenorii’ is a fruit native to China and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Monk Fruit is simply the dried monk fruit juice (not an extract) which has a subtle caramel undertone and is roughly 10 times sweeter than sugar.  Monk fruit’s sweetness comes from naturally occurring antioxidants called ‘mogrosides’ and is renowned for its intense sweetness without the bitter aftertaste.


Why is there a thickener- Acacia Gum and what is it for?

We use dried vegetable gums (similar to sap from a tree) as  thickeners, to try and decrease the amount of sediment in our product, because we know kids won’t like a gluggy texture.  As our product uses a lot of whole plant powders, there is a significant amount of insoluble fibre in our product.  Insoluble fibre is important as it contributes to laxation and bowel motility but means the powder cannot fully dissolve.  As such thickeners, like acacia gum can be used to try and stabilise the product, keeping the powder in suspension longer and prevent the powder from re-settling to the bottom.  Furthermore it will act as fibre and is even considered a prebiotic to feed good gut bacteria.


Is Greens Kidz Vegan?

This is another argument dividing vegans all across the internet.  As Coral Calcium is technically fossilized coral, we chose to say no, it is not vegan, as technically coral falls into the animal kingdom.  Really, it is open to the individual’s preferences and beliefs, so we are ok if you choose to disagree with us.


Is Greens Kidz Gluten Free?

Technically no, this is due to the potential contamination of barley grass and wheat grass during processing. However as per our calculations it is evident that although our barley grass and wheat grass are not able to be claimed as gluten free, the amount present per serve is almost negligible at 0.04mg!  To put this in perspective there is 112,281 times less gluten in one serve of Greens Kidz than one piece of whole wheat bread.



[1] Kau, A.L., Ahern, P.P., Griffin, N.W., Goodman, A.L. and Gordon, J.I., 2011. Human nutrition, the gut microbiome and the immune system. Nature474(7351), pp.327-336.

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