Ashy Bines' Ultimate Girls Weekend

Two weeks ago, we had the honour of being a part of Ashy Bines’ fourth Ultimate Girls Weekend. We love an opportunity to put on a spread and share what we know about health so when we heard the girls were coming to visit, we obviously went all out. For those who weren’t able to attend, and for the girls who did and want to reminisce, read on to see what we got up to!

Kicking things off in the lab, we split the girls into teams and challenged them to create their own clean treats from scratch. They quickly discovered this was no easy task and having to include a mystery ingredient only added to the challenge. This was a fun icebreaker and it was great to see the girls getting creative with flavours and presentation.

Leaving their creations to set, the girls were given a guided tour through to the factory for an exclusive behind the scenes look at everything we get up to here at Morlife. The chocolate room proved popular amongst the group and we have no idea why…

After that, it was down to the events room for refreshments, goodie bags and a talk with our in-house naturopaths and nutritionist about collagen. We explained to the girls how to choose a good quality collagen and why Morlife chose to collaborate with internationally renowned collagen manufacturer Gelita for our Collagen Pantry™ range. One of the most important take home points was that in the world of collagen, size matters.  You can only imagine how a room full of girls reacted to hearing that this is one time where smaller is better 😉.

Then it was time for Ashy to judge the girls clean treats recipes with an official taste testing.. We had more misses than hits but it was all in good fun. One team’s green coloured creations were reminiscent of poo according to Ashy, we blame the spirulina... The competition was taken out by a bright yellow, tropical mango creation and the winners received, you guessed it, more clean treats!

Our naturopaths went on to quiz the girls about all things health and then it was time to demolish our stellar spread. With an array of fresh fruit and veggies to choose from, accompanied by Ashy range staples and other crowd-pleaser picks, our spread really did taste as good as it looked!

The girls mixed and mingled for the remainder of the afternoon, talking one-on-one with our naturopaths and nutritionist, and having a blast snapping pics in the photo booth. Search #ugw4 on social for more photos from the weekend. Alternatively, watch Ashy’s vlog here.

We are so grateful to have been a part of this amazing event and wish the girls all the best on their wellness journeys x


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