Why you're going to love new Cacao Bliss

cacao bliss

Winter is the perfect season to cosy up and enjoy a hot chocolate drink to warm you up from the inside out! Morlife has created the perfect chocolate drinking powder, Cacao Bliss, which is a functional drinking chocolate filled with goodness!

Apart from the fact it’s irresistibly chocolatey and delicious, it contains a number of beneficial ingredients. We have made a list of reasons as to you’re going to LOVE Cacao Bliss - you won’t want to drink anything else!

  1. Cacao Bliss has a unique base of cacao powdercoconut powder and lucuma powder
  2. It contains functional herbs, Eleutherococcus, Gingko & Bacopa, which are natural adaptogens.
  3. Cacao Bliss has no added sugar and only contains 1g of sugar per serve
  4. It is gluten free and also free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  5. Cacao Bliss contains the superfoods cacaococonut & maca
  6. It contains the powerful prebiotic Inulin plus the added benefit of lemon balm and L-glutamine

It's the perfect chocolate fix, packed full of goodness and with no added nasties!

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