Pack your travel essentials with the Morlife team

You're sitting in seat D23 trying to get comfortable, you regret the pants you’re wearing because you can barely move and the man to your left is snoring the plane down, but of course, you forgot your earplugs... Sound familiar?

Sometimes flying for hours on end can become a bit of a drag – the dry cabin air, the minimal leg room, mediocre airplane food and crying babies can definitely take its toll. Preparation is key when it comes to flying, so what you pop in your carry on can make all the difference.

We love traveling at Morlife and with Tony Robbins in London coming up we thought we would ask around the office what the must-haves are while flying; Here is what some of our team can’t fly without:

Gray Plane Wing Under White Clouds


  • Noise cancelling headphones – Instantly blocks out the cabin noise and crying babies
  • Hand sanitiser – It’s easy to get sick while travelling. Keeping your hands germ free is a must!
  • Sanitary items (toothbrush, face wipes, face mist, lip balm, tissues, deodorant) – Cabin air can be drying and makes most of us feel kinda icky. Stay fresh, don’t be the bad BO guy.
  • Pen – such an underappreciated traveling companion but needed for filling out arrival card for immigration


  • Snacks! – You don’t want to be left hungry and spending money on overpriced nuts, so remember to pack snacks, my fav is our chocolate blueberries


  • Comfortable clothing – lightweight, stretchy and warm to make you as comfortable as possible while sitting for hours. Also, fluffy socks to keep the tootsies warm.
  • Neck pillow and eye mask – To be able to get some shut-eye in comfort without resting your head on the stranger next to you


  • Earphones – To be able to zone out to music or to use instead of the sometimes dodgy airplane earphones


  • Water bottle – Always stay hydrated!
  • Alkalising Greens (single serve sachets) – For an energy and immunity boost, super easy to carry around in sachets and helps to avoid airplane coffee, it's dehydrating and costly while traveling, not to mention it's never very good.


  • Books – A great way to pass time in airports and on flights. No need to carry around bulky chargers or adaptors.


  • Earplugs – Noise cancelling headphones can be a little pricy so ear plugs are a good alternative to block out background noise.