Alkalising Greens® "Pina Colada" Bowl

Alkalising greens pina colada bowl

We are absolutely loving our new Alkalising Greens®, and just how versatile and delicious the new flavours can be incorporated into recipes. We decided to whip up a Pina Colada Bowl featuring the Alkalising Greens® in Pineapple Coconut. This delicious Pina Colada Bowl features pre and probiotics, 20 super greens, fruits & vegetables and key alkalising minerals; calcium, magnesium and zinc. It makes a fantastic breakfast, snack or dessert packed full of essential nutrients to give your body a boost of green goodness.

Pina colada bowl

Super easy to make, all you need is frozen pineapple and banana, we went with coconut milk to get that true Pina Colada flavour, but of course you can use any plant based milk you have available. Don’t forget the most important ingredient, Alkalising Greens plus your favourite topping ingredients. We chose banana, pineapple, raspberries, blueberries, goji berries and extra Alkalising Greens® to sprinkle on top.

Alkalising greens bowl

Make sure to blend the bowl ingredients in a blender until nice and smooth, you can add more or less milk depending on how you want the texture to be. Once you pour it into a bowl, here’s the fun part! Place your topping ingredients beautifully on top. We had a little fun and used a star cutter to create the pineapple star shapes! Once you’ve assembled it, don’t forget to take a snap for Instagram and hashtag #Morlife !



PREP TIME: 10 mins (pre-freeze fruit the day before)

MAKES: 1-2 serves




1 ½ tbsp. Morlife Alkalising Greens® Pineapple Coconut

1 cup frozen Pineapple, cut into chunks

1 Frozen banana

¾ cup coconut milk or cream (can substitute with any plant-based milk)


TOPPINGS (optional)

1/3 cup frozen raspberries

¼ cup frozen blueberries

Handful of Morlife Goji Berries

1 slice pineapple, cut into stars

1 tsp Morlife Alkalising Greens (for sprinkling)



  1. Blend Frozen banana and frozen pineapple with coconut milk and Alkalising greens (if mixture needs to be loosened for blending, add a splash of milk or water).
  2. Pour into bowl and place the toppings on.