Easy Chocolate Banana Sushi

Sushi is loved worldwide by almost everyone, but even if you’re someone who doesn’t like sushi I’m sure we can you win you over with our Chocolate Banana Sushi Rolls – no soy sauce or wasabi required. We’ve incorporated our mouth watering Clever Kidz Hazelnut Spread to create these little nutritious rolls, making them not only delicious, but super nourishing.

Clever Kidz Chocolate Banana Sushi

Our Clever Kidz formula used in the hazelnut spread contains brain boosting ingredients such as Omega 3 DHA, 7 vitamins & minerals and functional herbs + superfoods which all help stimulate cognitive function – why not treat your families bodies and brains while treating your self.

To create the Clever Kidz hazelnut spread all you’ll need is of course roasted  hazelnuts and Clever Kidz, coconut oil, certified organic cacao powder, vanilla extract and to sweeten - maple syrup and coconut sugar. All of these ingredients are thrown in a blender and blended until smooth. Check out our recipe blog for our Clever Kidz hazelnut spread here.

Banana Hazelnut Chocolate Sushi

Clever Kidz Banana Chocolate Sushi

For the filling we have simply used a whole ripe banana and swapped the rice for a wrap - what kind of wrap is totally up to your preference whether it be multigrain, white etc. You'll be able to create these little sushi wraps in 5 minutes flat! Some tips we learned along the way though are to never underestimate how much hazelnut spread to put one and to spread it within 1 cm of the edge of the wraps. Also try to pick a banana that's a little straighter - the curved ones are harder to roll and means the wrap won't cover as neatly. If you only have a curved banana on hand we suggest cutting both the wrap and banana in half and rolling individually. With the remaining Clever Kidz Hazelnut Spread, simply store it in a jar and use it for whatever you desire, it literally goes with everything!


SERVES: 1 roll of sushi

MAKE TIME: 5 min


1 banana
1 wrap
2-3 tbsps Clever Kidz Choc Hazelnut Spread (recipe here)


  1. With a wrap laid flat, spoon Clever Kidz Choc Hazelnut spread onto wrap and spread evenly to within 1 cm of wrap edge.
  2. Peel banana and place on one edge of the wrap. Roll the banana and wrap together to neatly cover the banana.
  3. Cut the roll into small pieces. Enjoy!