Fruit and Bar Skewers

5 minute fruit and bar skewers featuring Morlife functional food bars! This one is more of an activity than a recipe but it serves as a fun and healthy way to enjoy your food bars at your next picnic with friends and family. 

The best part about this recipe/activity is its completely up to you how you want to arrange your skewers and which of your favourite fruits you would like to include. A healthy snack boosted with extra nutrition from Morlife Protein Body, Greens Rush, and Berries Alive functional food bars. 

fruit and bar skewers with Morlife Protein Body bar Greens Rush bar and Berries Alive barTo get your fruit bar into cute shapes we used mini cookie cutters. The moist texture of the functional food bars make them easy to cut through.

digging in to fruit and bar skewers


PREP TIME: 5 minutes

SERVES: 4-6 skewers


3 x Morlife functional food bars (pick any of your favourites. We used Protein Body, Berries Alive and Greens Rush on the day)

Selection of your favourite fruit (we used fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana, and raspberries)

Wooden skewers


  1. Remove functional food bars from wrappers. If you like to keep your food bars in the fridge, we suggest removing them a few minutes before to make it easier to cut through them.
  2. Cut shapes into the food bars with the mini cookie cutters by pressing onto the surface of the bars.
  3. Set shaped food bar pieces aside and cut your fruit if necessary into bite size pieces. 
  4. Assemble fruit and food bar shapes onto the wooden skewers in any combination you choose. Serve immediately.