Fun, Clean & Colourful: These Apple Donuts Have It All

Hands up if you struggle to get your kids to eat healthy? If that’s you, then don’t worry because majority of parents deal with these struggles almost everyday. Thankfully, we have come up with two perfect solutions. The first one being our amazing Greens Kidz, our kid tested and approved super greens which contain 22 super foods including greens, fruits & vegetables. The second solution is this delicious, simple recipe which can be prepared in minutes. Packed with antioxidants and other beneficial goodies, this will soon be the new go to snack!

Apple Donuts Kidz snack recipe

To create the colourful icings for our apple donuts, we’ve used a selection of our Morlife superfoods and Turmeric Latte mix which not only taste great but provide an array of nutritional benefits. These powders mix easily into yoghurt which creates the healthy icing.

Apple donuts vegetarian recipe

For the yellow icing we used our beautiful Turmeric Latte powder, for red with used our Organic Beetroot powder, and for purple we used our Acai Bowl Mix powder which tastes amazing though if you only have Acai powder you could use this too. 

Lastly, we’ve used our Greens Kidz to create the green icing. Just one 6g serve contains the antioxidant equivalent equal to 6 serves of fruit & vegetables. It's formulated with fruits and vegetables which naturally contain potassium, vitamin C, calcium, iron and magnesium. We’ve thought of everything including probiotics (L. acidophilus, B. bifidum, B. lactis & B. longum) and prebiotic fibres (Inulin and Fructooligosaccarides) for little tummies. Plus the upside to this snack is being able to give your little ones a fun, clean and colourful snack that's totally free of any artificial flavours, colours or additives!

apple donuts vegetarian snack recipe

Once you’ve mixed our Morlife super powders into the yoghurts it’s just a matter of spreading them onto the apple slices. We’ve used granny smith apples but you can use any apples you have available. To finish, we topped with natural sprinkles, because what’s a donut without the sprinkles right?! Alternatively you could use shredded coconut or chia seeds to pack in even more goodness.

We used coconut yoghurt in this recipe, but whatever yoghurt you use is totally up to you! This is the kind of flexible easy recipe that can just be whipped up in a moments notice and your little one could even have fun making it with you!


PREP & MAKE TIME: 10 mins

SERVES: 8 doughnuts


2 green apples, sliced
1 cup yoghurt, separated into 4 bowls
1 tsp Morlife Greens Kidz
1 tsp Morlife Certified Organic Beetroot Powder
1 tsp Morlife Certified Organic Acai Bowl Mix powder
1 tsp Morlife Turmeric Latte mix


  1. Mix Morlife Greens Kidz into 1 of the yoghurt bowls, mixing well to combine.
  2. Do this step for the remaining powders and mix well. You can add more or less of the powder to get the desired colour.
  3. Spread each of the icings onto the apple slices and serve
  4. Optional: top with sprinkles