If you’re struggling to get breakfast into your little ones, then we have conjured up the ultimate solution. Our Delicious Blueberry & Coconut Breakfast Balls are kid approved and provide the perfect breakfast essentials to support growing bodies and energy production. 

These delicious Breakfast Balls feature our very own Morlife Greens Kidz, an exciting new product that provides kids their daily dose of greens. But that’s not all, Greens Kidz contains 22 super foods; greens, fruits and vegetables. It’s naturally rich in buffer minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. Containing pre and probiotics, Greens Kidz will help support healthy tummies. With its delicious natural berry taste , Greens Kidz is super easy to sneak into to almost anything! In just 1 serve, your kids will be getting the antioxidant equivalent of 6 serves of fruit and vegetables- how good is that!?

kids breakfast ball greens kidz recipe

Giving your kids these for breakfast over traditional breakfast cereals is definitely a much better option as you know exactly what’s going into it. This recipe contains no added sugars not to mention any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives making them 100% natural! They’re so easy to make and you can easily switch around the ingredients to change up the flavour. For the base of our breakfast balls, we’ve used oats which provide an array of vitamins, minerals and most importantly fibre. Fibre is an important nutrient for kids as it is essential for proper functioning of the gut and promotes health bowels, most importantly these balls will help keep your kids fuller for longer. If you want these balls to be gluten free, you can simply swap the oats for quinoa flake or you can easily omit the oats altogether and use medjool dates instead, they are gluten free and provide a delicious caramel flavour.

For the fruit component, we’ve used frozen blueberries which also provide a delicious natural sweetness for these breakfast balls plus antioxidants and other necessary vitamins and minerals. You can easily use whatever frozen fruits you have available, frozen strawberries, raspberries or blackberries work perfectly thanks to the natural berry taste of our Greens Kidz.


blueberry coconut breakfast balls recipe greens kidz recipe kids snack recipe

We’ve used almond butter to bind all the ingredients together, peanut butter works fine as well but if you’re sending these to school with your kids you might want to double check with the school on their nut policy. If there is a no nut policy, not to worry you can use coconut butter instead which works just as well! Coconut Butter can be found at most health food stores.

Once you’ve blended your ingredients into the blender, add the shredded coconut, if you’re finding your mix to be too wet then more coconut will do the trick. Form them into 3cm balls. They can easily be kept in the fridge in an air tight container for up to 3 days. Your kids can enjoy them for breakfast or as a snack. They are perfect for babies as well and of course adults!


PREP TIME: 5 min

MAKE TIME: 10 min


1 cup (110g) Rolled Oats
1 cup (150g) Frozen Blueberries
1 tbsp Peanut or Almond butter (or coconut butter for nut-free schools)
1/3 cup (25g) desiccated coconut (+ extra for coating)
2 serves (12g ) Morlife Greens Kidz powder 


  1. Add oats, blueberries, Morlife’s Greens Kidz and nut butter to a food processor, mix until combined and until you have a thick paste.
  2. Stir through the coconut.
  3. Form into balls and roll in some more coconut. 
  4. Store in a airtight container in the fridge for 3 days.