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The 30-Day Alkalising Challenge is far more than just a quick fix, and is a fresh change from modern day crash diets that simply don’t work. It's a lifestyle change that will make you look and feel your best, skyrocket your energy and concentration levels, and give you long-lasting wellness.

Revolutionary new scientific research is showing that we can assist our bodies to maintain the important "alkaline state" that we need to be in to achieve wellness.

In just 30 days, we'll empower you to eat & drink your way to an alkalising lifestyle, where you will thrive from the inside out!

Why Alkalise

Ever tried a nutrition program, diet, or major lifestyle change that didn’t work no matter how hard you tried?
You might have set yourself up for hardship and failure from the start with fad diets that fail to understand real science...

ph level importance

When we eat, our food is broken down and digested. It creates either an acid forming residue or an alkaline forming residue. Our bodies need to maintain a slightly alkaline pH level around 7.35-7.45 to function and keep our cells, proteins and beneficial bacteria alive.

Not your best self

Diets high in acid forming foods rob your body of the nutrients it needs to maintain your body's optimum blood pH level, which may result in unnecessary strain on your body and poor quality of life.

Making the switch for the better

Switching to a diet high in alkaline forming foods, you nourish your body with all the essential nutrients it needs to achieve wellness, and to look and feel your best!

Throughout the challenge, we motivate you how to embrace an alkalising lifestyle, and we give you a head start with our hero product – Alkalising Greens®

This is a unique blend of potent alkaline forming foods, with a wide range of nutrient dense green super foods, plus specific alkalising minerals, L-glutamine, herbs and magnesium to increase your energy and support your body functions. With all this and more, it’s the perfect supplement to help you on your alkalising journey to wellness!

Why join the Alkalising Challenge?

Receive our Alkalising Kit (worth $99), including Morlife Alkalising Greens® in your favourite flavour!
Expert tips from our nutritionists
Weekly motivational emails with alkalising shopping lists, meal plans, support, and more!
100+ simple & delicious recipes
Exclusive product discounts
Chance to win a $300 Morlife voucher!
Support in our Facebook community

We'll guide you through 30 days of delicious alkalising foods and smoothies scientifically designed to Alkalise your body.

You can change your life forever today by investing in the Alkalising Challenge

Here’s what you get

Alkalising Kit containing Alkalising Greens® (choose your flavour), shaker, measuring scoop, chia seeds & pH strips (worth $99)

100+ easy & delicious recipes in our Alkalising Recipe eBook

Support from our in house nutritionists
Access to our Facebook community page
Alkalising meal plans & more!


Before alkalising I relied really heavily on coffee and I was quite tired all the time and just didn't have the energy to get through the day. Ever since I've been alkalising I’ve really cut back how much coffee I’ve been drinking and I'm able to use it to get through the day… The benefits are ten fold; my skin is so much better, I have so much more energy, and everything like that has helped me so much.

Codie Klein

Have any questions?

Read the below FAQs, or feel free to get in touch with us with our online chat/email/give us a call!

The goal of the Alkalising Challenge is to radically increase your wellness so that you'll have more energy, better mood, increased concentration, and to generally feel your best. While weight loss isn't the goal here, you will be eating a diet high in fruits and veggies bursting with nutrients, and cutting out processed junk food – so this may result in weight loss.

Alkalising Greens® contains gluten because of the wheatgrass and barleygrass in our formula. If you need to avoid gluten for medical reasons, please refrain from taking Alkalising Greens®. However, if eating gluten-free is a lifestyle choice you’ll be glad to know that there is only a small amount of gluten present in our product. In addition, most of our recipes are gluten free, and also dairy and meat free, so you won't have any trouble there. However, if you stumble across anything that you can't eat, our recipes are designed to be flexible – so simply swap out ingredients you can't eat with a healthy alternative that you can eat!

Short answer – yes. Non-dairy coffee and some types of alcohol leave a neutral ash residue, so they don't produce a net acid load that your body has to then get rid of. However, ensure you drink these in moderation, and opt for the healthier option. E.g. have a long black or dairy free latte, and drink red wine instead of beer.

We recommend in the challenge to cut out all processed junk food and limit your salt intake, and to increase your intake of nourishing plant based foods such as fruit, vegetables and certain grains, nuts and seeds. We also guide you to making healthy choices on how much meat, dairy and other acid-forming foods you should be eating – but by no means do these foods have to be cut out entirely from your diet unless it is a personal choice.

Yes! However, the time it will take for the Alkalising Kit to be shipped to you is dependent on the country you live in. We would recommend signing up at least 3 weeks before the challenge to ensure that it arrives in time.


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