20 Super Ways to use our SuperDip Mixes!

One of the many reasons why we love our SuperDip Mixes is because not only do they make a hell of a dip, they are so versatile and can be used to flavour just about anything savoury! And they are incredibly diet friendly, being gluten free, vegan (when mixed with vegan yogurt alternatives), and contain absolutely zero additives!

Take a look below to see some of our favourite ways to incorporate the SuperDip Mixes into your life.


  1. Mix the Spinach, Herb & Onion SuperDip into natural yoghurt to enjoy with your favourite savoury snacks.
  2. For a vegan option, mix the Smokey BBQ SuperDip into hummus and enjoy with your favourite savoury snacks.
  3. For another vegan option, mix the Tangy Turmeric SuperDip into coconut yoghurt and enjoy with your favourite savoury snacks.
  4. Use any of the 3 SuperDip Mixes as a marinade for chicken.
  5. Use Tangy Turmeric SuperDip as a marinade for white fish.
  6. Add mouthwatering flavour to vegetable chips (potato, sweet potato, zucchini or pumpkin) with any of the 3 SuperDip Mixes.
  7. Make the best home made beef nachos using the Smokey BBQ SuperDip (check out our recipe here).
  8. Make a healthy snack by roasting chickpeas seasoned with any of the 3 SuperDip Mixes.
  9. Use Tangy Turmeric SuperDip to flavour home made curries.
  10. Tantalize your tastebuds by mixing Spinach Herb & Onion SuperDip into pasta or zoodles (check out our recipe here).
  11. Make your own healthier vegan aioli by mixing Tangy Turmeric SuperDip into soy mayonnaise to enjoy in wraps, sandwiches, salads and more!
  12. Take your homemade pesto to the next level by mixing in Spinach, Herb & Onion SuperDip.
  13. Marinade tofu with any of the 3 SuperDip Mixes and serve with vegetables for a healthy stir-fry.
  14. Roast Cashews, almonds and seeds in the oven with Smokey BBQ SuperDip for a delicious spiced nut mix.
  15. Roast vegetables in the oven with any of the 3 SuperDip Mixes to accompany a delicious roast lunch or dinner.
  16. Flavour butters with any of the 3 SuperDip Mixes and use in cooking.
  17. Spice popcorn with Tangy Turmeric SuperDip for a healthier and tasty alternative
  18. Mix Smokey BBQ SuperDip with rice or quinoa and use as a filling to stuff capsicums or tomatoes.
  19. Mix Spinach, Herb & Onion SuperDip with legumes and lentils to make vegetarian or vegan patties or falafels.
  20. Mix Tangy Turmeric SuperDip into mashed potato for extra flavour.


And there you have it! You can literally dip it however you like with our SuperDip Mixes.


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