10 Other Ways With Morlife Junior


So your little one loves their Morlife Junior product but they’re getting bored of the same old routine? Perhaps it’s time to shake things up and think outside the box! Lucky for you, there are 101 ways to enjoy our versatile Kidz range, but to save your precious time, we will highlight our top 10. Perfect for parents of fussy eaters who have resorted to sneaking these powders into their diet, let this blog be your bible, we promise you they won’t suspect a thing ;)


  1. Smoothies

Just as simple as it sounds, add a serve of your Kidz product into a blender along with some fruit and yogurt, then blitz til your heart’s content! The result? A thick ‘n’ creamy smoothie that’ll delight your little one just as much as it nourishes them! We have a kid-approved smoothie featuring our Greens Kidz which you can view riiiight here.


  1. Ice Blocks & Smoothie Pops

After mixing your Kidz product with water, juice or milk, pour it into popsicle molds and pop it in the freezer for a wonderfully refreshing frozen treat to enjoy on a hot day. Feel free to add in colourful chopped fruit for a more interesting texture and to make your pops, well, pop! And if you want to take things to the next level, use a smoothie base instead for a creamier, more filling treat. Our Tropical Immune Kidz Smoothie Pops are always a winner here.


  1. Nice Cream

Similar to how you would make a smoothie, blend 1 frozen banana together with splash of almond milk and one serve of your Kidz product of choice. Top with fruit, seeds, desiccated coconut or even some cheeky choccy chips for a nourishing bowl that will make your little one go wild!


  1. Yoghurt

Another super easy option, mix a serve of your Kidz product with coconut yogurt for the perfect morning or afternoon tea snack. Simple but delicious!


  1. Custard

Your little one is pretty spesh, so make them feel it with tasty bowl of custard. A crowd-pleasing comfort food that goes way back, treat them to the ooey-gooey goodness of this delectable dessert while packing in the nutrients! Peep our Creamy Immune Kidz Custard here.


  1. Cupcakes

Your pint-sized prodigy deserves a cup-sized cake, so host a party for one and get bakin’ for a sweet lil treat they’re guaranteed to love! Simply pop a serve of your Kidz product of choice into the icing for a naughty sweet that’s actually nice! Try your hand at our Orange and Poppy Seed Cupcakes with Immune Kidz Icing and watch your little one lick the beaters like there’s no tomorrow!


  1. Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are such a fun option because they’re something you can make with your kiddo. Get all your ingredients laid out on the bench (think chia seeds, almond butter, dates, whatever!) then have your little poppet help you mix the ingredients together and roll them into balls. A great way to get your hands dirty whilst having the cleanest fun. Our Hidden Greens Breakfast Balls are a definite favourite.


  1. Gummies

Everyone loves a lolly, but a lolly that loves you back? Now we’re talking! Trick your babe into thinking they’re having a super naughty treat whilst they’re actually packing in so much goodness, one chewy bite at a time. Give our Greens Kidz Gummies a try and believe us when we say you’ll never buy the store-bought kind again!


  1. Spread

It’s hard to believe anything could taste better than Nutella, but we’re pretty sure we’ve got a close contender. Our Clever Kidz Choc Hazelnut Spread will send your tot’s tiny tastebuds into another dimension, featuring smoky roasted hazelnuts, a rich chocolatey taste and a decadent ‘n’ drizzly texture. Keep a jar in the fridge and use on special occasions for a super spread your little one will love.


  1. Banana Sushi

We know, we know, this sounds a little cray but it really is a massive hit with the kids. Using the spread above, we have created perhaps the silliest but most entertaining treat to grace your little one’s palate. Easy to make and almost too cute to eat, our Banana Sushi is guaranteed to make your kiddo go bananas ;)


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