Jack-O-Lantern Quinoa Stuffed Capsicums

What better time to get creative and a little bit spooky than on Halloween. To get into the festivities we’ve created a few devilishly delicious recipes that are a Halloween must. Whether you’re hosting your own Halloween party or having a family feast, our Halloween capsicum with Spiced Pumpkin Quinoa Risotto and our Tangy Turmeric SuperDip will be a definite crowd pleaser. We’ve devised a few tricks for the perfect treats this festive season.  


We have turned the iconic jack o’lantern into a cap o’lantern featuring our Spiced Pumpkin Quinoa Risotto. If you haven’t already tried our risotto range, you’re missing out. We’ve opted to use our gluten free Spiced Pumpkin Curry Risotto because what is Halloween without pumpkins? If you’re not very familiar with quinoa, it’s a gluten free, ancient super grain that is usually used as a rice alternative and is packed with fibre and protein. Our quinoa risotto also includes functional herbs and spices and chia seeds for extra fibre and Omega 3. Not only does it taste incredible, but is super easy to make as well. Side note: it can be cooked in a rice cooker, microwave or on the stove!

As for our Tangy Turmeric SuperDip Mix – there’s a reason why it’s named a super dip. Unlike other dips on the market it is full of nutrients such as ginger, turmeric and black pepper while also providing prebiotics and probiotics for gut health. To make up the dip all you need is to mix the sachet in a cup of yoghurt (we prefer coconut yoghurt for our tangy turmeric) and there you have it, you’ve got yourself a delicious and healthy versatile dip.  

Now for the fun part – making the capsicum jack o’lanterns; with a sharp knife cut the top off two capsicums horizontally and set the tops to the side. Take the gory membranes and seeds out of the centre and with a small knife carefully carve out the faces on the exterior of the capsicum. Now you’ve got yourself mini jack o’lanterns! Fill one with the cooked risotto and the other with the SuperDip and you’re done. These are frighteningly easy to make and creepily cute!


Jack-O-Lantern Quinoa Stuffed Capsicums

gluten free recipevegetarian recipe 

Serves 3-4
30 minutes 

1 packet Morlife Spiced Pumpkin Quinoa Risotto

3-4 Orange or Yellow capsicums 

1 packet Morlife Tangy Turmeric SuperDip Mix

1 cup Yoghurt of your choice


    1. Heat oven to 180 degres celsius.
    2. Use a sharp knife to slice the top off each bell pepper horizontally. Set tops aside. Remove all seeds and membranes. Use a small cutting knife to cut holes into the exterior of the peppers to make jack-o-lantern faces.
    3. Cook Morlife Pumpkin Quinoa Risotto according to directions. As the Pumpkin Quinoa Risotto cooks, use olive oil to lightly grease a small sheet pan or use baking paper. Cook capsicums in the oven for 20-25min ( not over-cooked). Allows cooling while you make filing.
    4. Prior to serving, fill three capsicums with approximately 1 cup of mixture, over filling each capsicum slightly. Place a top onto each stuffed capsicums and serve.
    5. Create the Tangy Turmeric dip by combining one packet with yoghurt. Spoon mixture into the last capsicum. Serve and enjoy!