Breakfast Goals: Choc Maca Granola

Now this is the way to start your day, chocolate for breakfast... we are there!

But this is not your average chocolate, sugary breakfast cereal (just like a milkshake?) 

Oh, no - this one is packed full of ingredients that will make getting through your workday a breeze.

We included our Certified Organic Cacao and Maca powders so you get an incredible boost to your mood and energy levels, plant-based source of iron, Antioxidants, and Magnesium for a healthy heart and brain, and did we mention it also tastes like chocolate?

This oh-so-easy recipe will definitely be one to add to your weekly rotation. make it Gluten Free by simply using our Goji Antiox Gluten Free Muesli.



1 and ½ cup Morlife Goji Antiox Toasted Muesli 

¾ Morlife Cacao Powder

1 tsp Morlife Maca Powder

¼ cup melted coconut oil (not  liquid but from a jar)

½ tsp salt 


Mix all ingredients and pour the mix to a baking tray (with baking paper).

Put it in the fridge for an hour.

Add it to your favourite yogurt or as a smoothie bowl topping, you can even add some fresh fruits!