Lola Berry's Strawberry Kisses Valentine's Day Smoothie


The lovely Lola Berry has worked her magic once again to create a delicious smoothie recipe for us all to enjoy just in time for Valentine's Day. This berrylicious concoction features cashews and coconut milk to deliver hardcore strawberry cheesecake vibes plus our Unflavoured Marine Beauty Collagen to help you get your glow on! The smoothie is garnished with rose petals, giving it an extra Valentine's Day touch.

"Both red and pink rose petals represent love. The colour red in particular represents heat and passion, while the colour pink represents romance and charm. It's a nice balance for every relationship."



1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup cashews (soak overnight then rinse them if you have time as it makes the smoothie really creamy)
1 heaped tbsp Morlife® Unflavoured Marine Beauty Collagen
2 cups coconut milk
Optional: vanilla bean
Optional: 1 tsp coconut oil (to make it extra creamy)
Sweeten with any of the following: stevia, Morlife® Certified Organic Monk Fruit, honey or maple syrup
Your choice of berries - I've topped my smoothie with blackberries, plus add some organic rose petals to sprinkle on top!



1. Blend all ingredients together and top with fresh berries and rose petals.
2. Enjoy!